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Healthier. Stronger. More Productive.

A properly planned well-being program can promote healthy living and create healthier, stronger, and more productive team members.

We provide simple, but effective well-being solutions for a complex world.

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Our Story

RedeemWell, established in 2012, includes a diverse team with over 45 years of collective experience in well-being services for small to large size employers and improving the well-being of communities starting at the grassroots level. We pride ourselves on being able to provide programming and initiatives for ALL, regardless of an individual's current state of well-being. Our goal for the communities we work with is to meet the needs of the individual and their wellness goals, for them to feel better for themselves, their families, and community.

The average well-being plan is often too generalized to make a real difference. We work to create a program specifically designed to your company’s or community's needs, goals and culture in order to produce results. We partner with a variety of companies and organizations across many industries to develop sustainable initiatives.

Tajuan Stoker


RedeemWell Leadership

After several years working in the wellness market, RedeemWell was founded in 2012 with the idea of creating a wellness company that meets the needs of the culture it was serving. The brainchild of Tajuan Stoker, RedeemWell was established to provide much needed well-being services to both corporate and private sector, non-profits, and communities.

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s of Education in Health Promotion and Education and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Indiana Wesleyan, Tajuan has over 20 years of successful experience in wellness program development, implementation, and evaluation. Tajuan’s passion for health and well-being began early on when he recognized well-being programs were not easily accessible for all and there was a gap within the communities where we live and work.

In his spare time, Tajuan enjoys volunteering, watching University of Cincinnati football, and traveling with his wife and their daughters.

Be fit, be well

Our Services

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Strategic Wellness


We implement programs

that have purpose and

produce results.

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Health Coaching

Face-to-face, telephonic,

video or group coaching is

available. Each session produces action and builds relationship.

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Workshops & Presentations

We offer impactful workshops and presentations. Select from one of our featured topics, or pick your own. We can develop workshops and presentations on any topic your participants request.

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Wellness Portal

We can configure and customize

your platform the way you

want it. Include your logo,

corporate colors, slogan,

and much more.

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Coordination of


Coordinate events/services

such as biometric screenings,

health fairs, incentive programs,

on-site class offerings,

and much more.

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Personalized Programs

and Activities

We implement programs

that have purpose and

produce results.

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We work to help you listen

to your community, change

the course of your community,

and make an impact in

your community.

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We offer well-being programs for students, as well as school faculty. Including smoking and vaping education programs.

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Why Us

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We establish goals, celebrate milestones, foster accountability and help individuals learn to problem solve and succeed.

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RedeemWell provides simple, engaging, and effective well-being solutions that give you confidence to control your well-being.

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Our offered services are never a cookie cutter plan, they are always unique and able to be customized to your organization or community.

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Community Well-being

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Your community is speaking. Are you listening to what they are saying? Diversity is key in understanding the different concerns, challenges, and desires of your community. At RedeemWell, we understand how to listen to your community and help you understand what they need.


Change the Course

Listening is only part of the solution. In order to change the health outcome of the community, appropriate initiatives and programs must be implemented based upon the feedback from your community and input from your team. Developing successful programs and initiatives is at the core of what we do at RedeemWell.

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Make an Impact

Measuring the impact of implemented initiatives helps you understand if the intiatives are adopted by the population you serve. RedeemWell not only measures each initiative that we implement, but we break down the data to show you true health outcomes.

We lead you to health outcomes that benefit the entire community.

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School Well-being


Tobacco and Vaping Workshops

We offer interactive tobacco education and cessation workshops, including vaping. We’ll cover how tobacco companies work to target youth, the health consequences associated with use, and ways to quit.

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Student Well-being Programs

Our well-being specialist can work with students to assist them in creating solutions to conquer challenges particular to their environment.

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Faculty Well-being Programs

Teachers are at a high risk for burn out, stress, and the numerous health effects that accompany them. Our well-being programs can address these concerns and assist in your retention strategy.

“Prioritize wellness for each and every child, student, educator, and provider.”

-U.S. Department of Education

Tell us about this!

Let our advisors assist you.

Our advisors have years of experience in developing and implementing well-being programs that produce results.

What Our Clients Love

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Virginia, RedeemWell Well-being Specialist Client Testimonial

Working in a male dominated industry has caused me to struggle with anxiety and imposter syndrome for many years, but especially in my current role. It has been nice connecting with Courtney each month because she provides encouragement and support with dealing with some of the challenges at work. She is a great listener and always reminds me that I am just as capable and qualified as my male colleagues. She introduced me to using affirmations which I think has made me become a little more assertive and confident.

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North Carolina, RedeemWell Well-being Specialist Client Testimonial

I was referred to Courtney by my wellness coach when I was feeling overwhelmed at work. Courtney is a very positive person and a breath of fresh air.It is sometimes hard to balance the demands if my role. Courtney has help me get more organized at work and it has truly made a difference with my work performance and attitude. She also helped me learn ways to manage my anxiety and stress during busy periods. She is good at checking in and reminding me to take breaks and use PTO. I am happy that my company offers this resource and I feel that all employers should offer this.

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Colorado, RedeemWell Health Coaching Client Testimonial

My sessions with my Health Coach are invaluable to me. He is a one-stop-shop for integrated well-being and quality of life. I started talking with him after a very difficult time in my life and he showed me how to begin to take care of myself again both physically and emotionally. He introduced me to exercises and other strategies that were tailored to my physical needs which helped me maintain and improve physical function. Through our sessions he provides both gentle accountability and a support system that I otherwise do not have in my life.

Frequently asked



A wellness portal is an online platform that allows users to be rewarded for logging in, tracking their healthy habits, and gives individuals the opportunity to participate in initiatives that enhance their overall well-being.


Health coaching is a partnership by a client and a health coach in which both parties work together to take action and reach a state of well-being. This process is based upon the clients interests and provides them with the necessary support to implement behavior change and achieve their wellness goals.


We are well-positioned to serve clients in any capacity, no project is too big or too small. We partner with both employers and community organizations of all sizes, across a variety of industries.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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